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If you have bought, sold or rented a property, it’s a legal requirement to have a valid EPC. Energy performance certificate (EPC) is a document which provides information about the energy efficiency of your property. It includes information on lighting, insulation, your heating system and more. So, whether you are renting or selling your domestic or commercial property, by carrying out an EPC and making the recommended changes you will increase its energy efficiency to a higher rank.

How much does an Energy Performance Certificate cost?

Wondering how much an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) cost? There’s no fixed rate, so you can expect to pay upwards of £59{EPC (1 – 3 bed property)}. This is why gathering a number of EPC quotes is tantamount to paying the right sum of money.

London Property Certificate comes up with a team of accredited energy assessors to help you to make energy-efficient improvements. Call us today!

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Energy Performance Certificate (Domestic)
We price based upon the number of beds in the property and our simple list is below:
  • EPC (1 – 3 bed property) £59
  • EPC (3 – 5 bed property) £79
  • Energy Performance Certificate (Commercial) £120
Examples of houses and flats we can certify