PAT Testing Certificate for Landlords

Portable Appliance Test - PAT Test Certificate

PAT is one of the most essential safety tests conducted in the United Kingdom. PAT test certificate stands for portable appliances testing and is conducted to ensure the safety of the portable electric appliances at home or office, to avoid accidents due to electric appliances.

An appliance is called portable when they have a wire and can be connected with a socket. According to that, almost all the electric appliances come under “portable appliances “ category .

The tests can be conducted by registered teams or even by individual electricians, especially in a low-risk setting. The person or the team conducting tests must have:
  • Adequate equipment for conducting the test
  • The knowledge of using the testing equipment with precision and care
  • The ability to decipher the output of the test optimally
It is prudent to obtain a Portable appliance test certificate from an experienced and legally registered team, to avoid any loophole in the certifications.

We are a team of professionally qualified and experienced professionals who are registered to conduct PAT testing central London and throughout the UK.

Cost of PAT Testing for Landlords

The cost of PAT test includes up to 10 electrical appliances that are portable. Any additional items will be charged at a cost of £2.50 per item.
Integrated appliances and hard wired appliances where the plug point is not accessible a visual inspection and an earth test (where appropriate) will be performed.
Domestic PAT Testing
We price based on the number of items in the property and our simple list is below:
  • 1 – 10 items £59
  • 1 – 20 items £69
  • 1 – 30 items £79
  • 1 – 40 items £89
  • 40+ items Request Quote

What is a PAT test Certificate?

PAT test certificate are the documents which are awarded to the owners of the appliances after they are tested for safety standards and compatibility. The certificate guarantees that the appliances are in perfect condition to be used and aren’t a potential risk to the users. This also helps in weeding out the faulty or expired electric appliances.

Our team tests and put a sticker on the item to denote that the appliance has passed the test. This gives a clear indication of whether the item is usable or not.

Why do you need a PAT certificate?

A PAT certificate is issued only after the electric appliances or equipment has been tested and deemed safe to use. Thus, the certificate proves that the manufacturer is in compliance with the rules and regulations set up by the authority, to ensure complete safety of the users whilst using the said appliance. 

The PAT certificate definitely enhance the credibility of the manufacturer and the maintenance staff, which in turn encourages the buyers to choose the certified products. 

Who requires PAT Testing:-

PAT testing applies to any and every electric appliance, be it domestic appliances like vacuum cleaners and microwaves, to commercial use equipment like printers or lab equipment. 

This clearly indicates that PAT testing is mandatory for everyone, especially where the level of risk is higher – like public buildings, schools, libraries and rental properties. 

The electric appliances in rental properties must have a PAT testing certificate, to avoid any mishap while the tenant handles any electric appliances indoors. Also, it is necessary to have a valid EPC in London before leasing or renting a property. Not only is it foolproof to ensure the safety of the tenants, but also helps rule out any insurance claims in case of an accident. The landlords must conduct a thorough portable appliance test, before letting out their properties to the tenants. 

Is PAT testing mandatory for the landlords?

This is one of the most often generated queries by the property owners about the PAT testing,  and the answer to the question is -NO. There is no legal obligation for the landlords to conduct a thorough PAT testing before taking the tenants in. However, getting a portable appliances testing certificate not only helps the owners to find out the faulty appliances in time but also helps build the trust of the tenants. 

What is the cost of a PAT testing certificate for a landlord?

The cost of a PAT testing for landlords depends upon the size of the property to be tested. So naturally, a bigger house will entail a higher cost for certification. 

To give an approximate – It nearly costs a landlord a sum of £60 to acquire a portable appliance test certificate for an average size property. The landlord is usually charged for “per item” rather than the entire property. 

It’s always advisable to check out the quality and experience before inviting the testing team, as the teams offering extremely low prices may offer substandard services. 

Is PAT testing a legal requirement?

As we have already stated, portable appliances testing certificate isn’t a legal necessity till now, but conducting a Portable Appliance Test and acquiring a certificate ensures the safety of the property owner as well as the tenants. 

How often do you need to conduct a PAT?

In an ideal scenario, domestic appliances need to be tested once in 24 months, and when it comes to office equipment, once every 48 months. But there are some appliances which need to be tested just once in 5 years. Our expert professionals can guide you in this regard.

Therefore for a landlord, it is best to get a PAT testing certification done once in two years to ensure all-round safety for both parties. 

Any more questions?

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