Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and Inspection


Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, the onus is on you to ensure that all the gas appliances installed in your property are working correctly and safely. You are required to have an annual gas safety check, under the requirements laid down under the Gas Safety ( Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.
Any rental property that has any gas appliances like gas boilers, hobs, oven, etc requires a Gas Safety Certificate.

Landlord Gas Safety Record

All our technicians are registered with the Gas Safe Register, the legally recognized Gas Safety authority in the UK.
Our technicians will check whether all gas appliances are functioning in the right setting. They also set about removing harmful gas buildup and clear ventilation routes. Once they inspect and record results in your Landlord Gas Safety Record, you will receive a copy. You are required by law to provide a copy to your tenants.

Details recorded in the Landlord Gas Safety Record
  • Name and registration number of the technician
  • Date of inspection
  • Address of the property
  • Your name and address
  • The details of the appliances and location within the premises
  • Information about all safety defects and corrective action recommended.
You are free to get the repairs done by any gas technician of choice. London Property Certificates is ready to give you an obligation free quote.
Once the corrective actions are carried out, a date will be fixed for reinspection. On the day of inspection, our certified technician will carry out the reinspection of all the gas appliances.
If everything meets safety standards, Landlord Gas Safety Certificate will be issued. Gas inspection Certificate has to be obtained every year.

London Property Certificates is a certified provider of Gas Safety Certificate, one of the prerequisites to ensure gas safety for Landlords, Home Owners and Estate agents within London and suburbs.

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Gas Safety Certificate / Boiler service
Our price based upon the number of gas appliances in the property and our simple list is below:
  • 1 Gas Appliance £49
  • 2 Gas Appliances £59
  • 3 Gas Appliances £69

Note: Gas appliances are cooker, boiler, hob and fire place
Offer: boiler service = £85


Who requires a gas safety certificate?

  • Landlords who are renting the property
  • Letting agents who manage the property
  • Recommended to prospective home buyers to have gas safety certificate service carried out to ensure the property is safe they are moving into

When is landlord gas safety certificate CP12 required?

Landlord gas safety inspection is required each year by a gas safe registered engineer just to make sure gas pipework, flues & all gas appliances are safe to use, there are no chances of carbon monoxide poisoning and your tenants are safe.

As a homeowner, is it mandatory to get a gas certificate?

Unless you are planning to rent out your property, gas certificates are not mandatory. But, getting a Gas certificate after a thorough inspection of all your gas appliances, will give you total peace of mind with regards to safety. If you are a landlord or have a property available for rent, you

are bound by law to possess the gas safety certificate.

How often is it necessary to renew the Gas Inspection Certificate?

If you are a landlord, you are required to renew the certificate every year. You are required to retain the gas inspection certification record for a period of 2 years post inspection.

Is a gas safety certificate needed to sell my property?

No, you are not legally obliged to pass on a gas inspection certificate to the buyer. However, if you are aware of the malfunctioning of any gas appliances on your premises, it is ethical to get it inspected before selling it.

If I am installing a new boiler in my rental property, do I require a gas safety certificate?

As a landlord, you should ensure that any new boiler installation is carried out by a certified engineer, and retain the gas safety certificate issued.

What is the typical cost of getting a Gas Safety Certificate?

The cost of a certificate depends on a lot of factors

  • Number of appliances that require checks, with regards to emissions, pressure, safety cutout systems, flues, ventilation, etc
  • Accessibility issue when checking
  • Time spent on your property to identify safety issues, removing poisonous gases, clearing ventilation, etc

The cost of a gas safety certificate starts as low as £30-40.

What happens if an appliance fails the safety test?

In this case, the technician will note the defect in the gas safety certificate record and disconnect it from the gas supply. Once the appliance is repaired or replaced, the technician will inspect it again. If the appliance meets safety standards, it will be reconnected after issuing a gas safety certificate.

Can I skip the gas safety certificate inspection for a year?

As a landlord, you are required by law to get an annual gas safety certificate inspection done. It has to be renewed every year. Failure to do so will entail penalties upto £20,000, plus court charges. It might also entail 6 months imprisonment. If the tenant gets injured or killed due to malfunctioning gas appliances, you will face fines and criminal charges too.


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