London Property Certificate Infographic
Mar 13th, 2019

Infographic: 4 Vital Legal Safety Requirements For Tenants and Landlords In London

People often rent out their property to create an alternate source of income. But renting out one’s property in London is not a cakewalk these days. There are many formalities which need to be fulfilled by a landlord before he rents it out. An Energy Property Certificate is one of them. It includes details about the energy consumption and cost along with recommendations on how the landlord can save energy.

The Gas Safety Certificate, on the other hand, certifies that all gas equipment within the property is safely installed and maintained. It is essential for a landlord to hand over a copy of this safety check to his tenant. Electrical Safety certificate includes inspection and declaration of all portable appliances, sockets, fixed wiring, and light fittings as safe for use. In the case of Houses In Multiple Occupation(HMOs), it is a must to install fire alarms and fire extinguishers. An electrical safety inspection needs to be done in an HMO every five years.


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