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Sep 6th, 2020

What is an EPC & How to get EPC in London?

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is an authorized requirement for residential and commercial properties before you put up your property for rent or sell.

The Energy performance certificate will be added to the EPC Register online. This certificate is essentially a report of energy management. It confirms how energy efficient a residential building or commercial premises is.

With this certification, you get a detailed idea on your energy utilization and tips on saving them

With your EPC survey, you can abide by some energy saving tips, which can definitely save you a lot of money.

This will help you improve your energy efficiency scale. The ratings on a commercial EPC start from “G-least energy efficient”, going up to an “A for the most energy-efficient structure.”

The EPC shows the best of the energy efficiency levels and carbon dioxide releases of a building, by using an average table from A to G (A being very efficient, G being very inefficient).

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What happens during an EPC assessment?


First of all, the energy survey is conducted by a qualified energy assessor. He examines the critical items within the property such as domestic boiler, loft insulation, radiators, hot water tank, windows for double glazing, etc.

Once he collects the data, he uploads them on a software -program which calculates the level of energy efficiency.

There is a similar report which delivers figures on the conservation impact.
This report shows a table of projected energy bills per annum and the probable for improved and lowers fuel costs, but without any location to the actual householder energy bills.

5 Steps to get an EPC in London

If you are planning to give your property on renting or selling in London, you must acquire an Energy Performance Certificate to go ahead.

This rule has been set up in the April-2018 as per change in legislation. The process of getting EPC in London is straightforward:
Step 1: Get in touch with the EPC team in London. You need to check if your property requires an EPC in London. Not every property require this certification.

Step 2: Book online or find a team member of EPC. They will send professional and experienced assessors who will visit your property.
Step 3: Make sure you are present when the assessor assesses the building. Support him when he takes pictures of your property to attach them with their report. You must answer the required questions to him. The larger the building, the longer the report. However, the assessment can be completed in an hour.

Step 4: Get an estimate of the energy performance certificate cost from the assessor. Check if it meets your budget. To let you know, different assessors offer different cost estimates. So, you can get your building assessed by more than one professional.

Step 5: You can then find out the EPC certificate on the registered website of EPC.

Why do you need an EPC in London?

Property Owners and Landlords in London are required to provide EPC’s to any prospective tenant or buyer when they rent or sell and lease a Commercial or Residential Property.

Cost of Energy Performance Certificates


EPC cost varies on three important factors:

  • Residential or commercial area
  • Size of the place
  • Layout

The estimate of the cost of EPC is as follows:

Domestic EPC Cost: 

  • 1 Bedroom £45
  •  Up to £65 for a 6 bedroom area.

Commercial EPC Cost: 

  • £180 for Warehouses
  • £130 for Small Shops
  • £150 and more for offices based on area and storey

The EPC cost for Hotels can be slightly higher than above as they different zones and en-suite bathrooms add to the cost too. Amongst all of the properties stated above, warehouses and open office plan are cheaper.

Validity and Law Of Energy Performance Certificates


If you have already made this report, then there is no need to create a new EPC report for every new client or renter.

Once the EPC certificate is issued, it is valid for the next ten years, and you can present it to anyone who is interested in your property.

After ten years, you will have to set up an additional inspection of the New property. If any changed done with the property within this validity time, then a new report or an updated EPC will be required to go.

The owner or landlord of the property holds this accountability and is obliged by law to ensure the certificate update.

The building cannot be listed for letting or sale without the certificate if it falls under the category of EPC listed buildings.

In case an agent has been tasked to market the property/building, they must include a copy of the reports document in all commercial media such as a brochure, websites, written materials they produce.

Any changes like increase or decrease in the energy requirements of the property, you must get a new survey conducted.

The same situations also apply as when a new building developed. The builder in charge of the construction is responsible for the establishment of an original certificate.

If you do not get a certificate for your property/building, you can be charged with a hefty fine.

The Department of Finance governs the enforcement of energy, and it can directly impact the bills and of your property.

Hence, it is recommended that you always take energy improvement suggestions seriously.

If you are asked to produce the documentation or EPC by an inspector and fail to do so, then you will receive a penalty charge notice and defined action.

The approximate fine for a home is £500, and for the other properties, it may go up to £4000. So, avoid the penalty and invest in the energy performance certificate cost for better energy utilities.

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