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Gas Safety Certificate
Feb 23rd, 2019

Getting a Gas Safety Inspection Certificate London

Residential properties to let in the UK are required by law to get a gas safety certificate for their places each year. Knowing the various aspects of this procedure, such as the landlord gas safety certificate cost can help you make any needed preparations. Failure to get this certificate could result in severe fines. If you’re renting residential property in the UK, you’re required by law...

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London Properties
Feb 23rd, 2019

What you need to know about Emergency Lighting

An emergency lighting certificate is a requirement for large commercial buildings according to regulations based on BS 5266-1 2005. Emergency lighting is crucial to any reliable escape route, meaning its maintenance can directly impact the safety of your residents. One of the more vital roles of running a commercial building is ensuring that there are reliable escape routes available in case ...

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Electrical Safety Check
Feb 23rd, 2019

Why You Need to Carry Out Electrical Safety Check as the Landlord?

The landlords are responsible for the electrical safety of the tenants. Read more to find out why an electrical inspection should be carried out. As a landlord, your legal duty is to make sure that the property you are letting out is safe and electrical equipment inside that house is safe. The Landlord and Tenants Act of 1985 provides for this provision. You will be required to carry out regu...

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fire alarm certificates
Feb 23rd, 2019

A Guide to Fire Alarm Safety Certification

Whether you’re the owner of an office complex or private residence, potential fire outbreaks are a valid concern if not properly addressed. This is achieved by getting a mandatory fire safety certificate London. Protecting your property against potential threats such as fires is a mandatory requirement for buildings in the UK. The damage that a fire outbreak can cause to a region can be deva...

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Mar 12th, 2019

Why You Should Inspect Your Electricity on A Consistent Basis

When was the last time you got your electricity inspected? If you have been living in your home for a number of years now, and have yet to come across any problems with lighting, appliances, or other electric-related utilities, your first encounter just might happen as soon as tomorrow. Electricity in the home must always be contained and utilized in a safe and stable manner, and over time, you...

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London Property Certificate Infographic
Mar 13th, 2019

Infographic: 4 Vital Legal Safety Requirements For Tenants and Landlords In London

People often rent out their property to create an alternate source of income. But renting out one’s property in London is not a cakewalk these days. There are many formalities which need to be fulfilled by a landlord before he rents it out. An Energy Property Certificate is one of them. It includes details about the energy consumption and cost along with recommendations on how the landlord can s...

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how to improve your EPC rating
Mar 23rd, 2019

Tips to Improve EPC Ratings of your Commercial Building

Commercial buildings in the UK are required to obtain Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when it constructed, sold, or rented. The EPC displays the energy rating on a scale of A to G and is valid for 10 years. As soon as the building is being offered up for sale or rent, it becomes the seller/landlord’s responsibility to make the EPC available to the renter/buyer free of cost. Commercial EP...

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landlords PAT Testing
Apr 10th, 2019

PAT Testing And Why They Are A Must For All Landlords in the UK

One of the concerns that you must have as a landlord is the PAT certificate cost given that it is crucial to have a team of certified safety engineers to carry these tests regularly for all apartments. As a landlord, there is a lot when it comes to property management, and you must be prepared to handle all the duties as it is the only way to be guaranteed of success. While a lot is expected fr...

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Apr 10th, 2019

Gas Safety Certificates And Why They Are A Must Have When Buying a House

It is the responsibility of every prospective property buyer to ensure that they get to have a valid gas safety certificate selling house is included as one of the most vital elements to take to account before a final sale agreement can be made. The decision to buy a house in the United Kingdom is one which very family and individual has to take seriously as it is a financially demanding initia...

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Boiler Regularly
May 4th, 2019

Four Major Benefits of Servicing your Boiler Regularly

A boiler serves a significant role in your home or office. It provides hot water for showering, and heating to keep your place comfortable. What’s more, the combi boiler installation cost can be pocket-friendly if you get a good expert to work with. However, regular use of a boiler without servicing it can damage various components of your boiler, which may eventually reduce its performance,...

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