All you need to know about gas safety certificate
Dec 18th, 2019

All You Need to Know About Gas Safety Certificate

All landlords in the UK are required legally, under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, to get their gas fittings and all appliances checked by a registered engineer who is authorized to carry such an examination and provide a gas safety certificate.

After inspection, the engineer will enter all the details of what he has checked on a Landlord Gas Safety Record Form. This form is also called the Gas Compliance Certificate or CP12 certificate. The engineer will provide copies of the certificate for both the landlord as well as tenants.

The certificate was made legally necessary to avoid gas explosions. Flue emissions and carbon monoxide poisoning were also kept in mind during legalization.

The certificate was essential to prevent damage to property, and to protect human life as the accidents related to gas leaks can be fatal. Most of the accidents that happen are due to faults in the fittings and appliances that are easily preventable.

During a gas safety check, the engineer may come across issues like a faulty flue or a damaged pipe, which can be rectified by conducting necessary repairs. In this way, all such potential dangers can be taken care of, and accidents can be prevented.

Is the Annual Gas Safety Certificate Compulsory?

Landlords are legally obliged to ensure that all gas fittings, appliances, etc. are free from danger and safe for their tenant’s usage.

Getting the check done by a qualified engineer and obtaining the certificate is mandatory annually even if the tenant is not going to use the gas connection. The rule is to carry out checking if there is a live supply of gas to property.

Benefits for the landlord: A thorough check by a certified engineer and obtaining an annual Gas Safety Certificate will protect the landlord from getting blamed for any accidents that may occur.

He will also be able to avoid financial losses due to any suit filed against him.

Benefits for the tenant: For the tenant, the gas certificate London will be an assurance that he can stay without having to continually worry about the danger of mishaps due to faulty gas fittings.

How often should the landlord gas safety check be carried out?

If you are a tenant, you need to carry out a Gas safety check once every year. If you have just recently had one, then the next examination should be done within twelve months.It is also mandatory to get the gas certificate done every time the property is rented.

The procedure for obtaining a gas compliance certificate:

For getting a certification, you have first to select a registered engineer who is qualified to carry the check.Then you can book an appointment with him. The engineer will make a thorough inspection of all gas fittings and appliances in your home.He will also examine the pipes for detecting any leakages and ensure that they are in optimum condition.

Who is a registered engineer?

Not all gas engineers are qualified to carry out gas safety checks. Before getting your gas fittings checked, you need to check the Gas Safe Register, which has a list of all the people authorized to conduct safety checks.

A licensed gas engineer who is on the list will possess a Gas Safe ID card. So the first thing you need to do before the inspection is to verify the ID card of the engineer to ensure that he is adequately qualified.

After checking all the appliances and fittings, the engineer will hand you a copy of the Gas Safety Record Form that will contain the result of the check conducted.

You are also obliged to give a copy of the certificate to your tenant. For those tenants who are just about to move into a house, they need to get their copy before moving.

For those tenants already staying at a property, they need to get their copy within 28 days after the gas safety check.

Details to be present on a Gas Safety Certificate:

The Gas Compliance Certificate or Gas Safety record form should contain the following information:

  • The date of the gas safety check.
  • The address of the house or property on which the check was carried out.
  • Details and the location of the appliances and flues on which the checks were conducted,
  • Details of the landlord or agent, such as name and address.
  • The name of the engineer who conducted the check, along with the registration number and signature.
  • It should contain any fault found by the engineer during checking, and any step that has been taken to rectify it. It must also include any action that is needed to be made.
  • A confirmation that the Gas Safety Check has been conducted on all the appliances and fittings.

The cost of obtaining the Annual Gas Safety Certificate:

The price depends on factors like the number of appliances checked and the engineer appointed.

In your best interests, it is better to first obtain quotations from the gas companies for you to compare.

You can choose the one that is the ideal one for you. The cost of a certificate starts from 35 pounds and may even go up to 150 pounds.

If you are a landlord having a property that you have rented out to some tenants, it is legally required for you to get a Gas Safety Certificate by getting a safety check done every twelve months.

The certificate will be a guarantee that all gas pipes, all appliances, and fittings are safe for use and are not capable of causing explosions or fires due to faults or leakages.

The safety certificate will benefit you and your family by not allowing financial losses due to property damage, and also prevent from physical harm.

It will also help to avoid any legal hassles that may happen as a result of any untoward incidents that may take place.

Boiler Gas Safety Certificate

It would also be beneficial if you have smoke alarms at your property along with carbon monoxide alarms. You should also get all your new appliances, or boilers checked to ensure that they are compliant with the proper gas safety body.

The tenant also receives the same benefits as you, and he can have a peaceful stay at your property, free from worries of accidents.

So remind yourself to conduct an annual gas safety certificate of all your gas fittings and appliances every twelve months by an authorized engineer.

Gas certificate London ensures that your house is safe from accidents for yourself and your family.

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