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May 6th, 2019

Commercial EPC Certificates And Why They Are A Must-Have In London

Obtaining a commercial EPC London is not an option but an essential requirement which can be easily acquired by finding seasoned electrical engineers online.

The introduction of Energy Performance Certificate in 2008 completely changed how property owners in London get to analyze their current electrical systems and their mandate to tenants. Primarily this certificate shows the energy efficiency of a property on a scale which has been standardized and approved for all tests. Since the legislation came to effect, it has become mandatory for all commercial building owners to take the initiative of seeking this all-important document.

On the bright side, energy assessors who are certified to provide the commercial EPC London are only a few clicks away, and it must never be a struggle to find the right team. Over time, there have been significant amendments and a new introduction to the energy act which makes the certificate to have a lot of importance. This was as a way of responding to studies which show that a lot of commercial buildings in London have poor energy rating and are therefore unsuitable for use. Abiding by this law any structure with a rating of E or lower will not be allowed for leasing and failure to adhere to this will call for harsh penalties.

It is not just the necessity of meeting the set requirements by the government before leasing any commercial property that makes it suitable to seek an EPC certificate, but it has become a measure of enhancing market appeal. Businesses today are extra cautious when it comes to changes that hold the potential to impact their activities and will only go for solutions that meet the highest standards. Acquiring an Energy Performance Certificate is one way of making it clear that you have the interests of all potential tenants at heart and have a building that is of outstanding quality.

The craze for EPC is equally part of the current global movement to go green as man seeks to reduce carbon emissions in every way possible. As a property owner, taking the initiative to call an accredited energy assessor to evaluate the building helps in clearly knowing the current situation of the building. If the building has a low energy rating, there are constructional changes that will be necessary to boost the rating and be part of a larger objective. All these efforts will eventually count as tenants are falling over themselves looking for commercial spaces that have an excellent energy efficiency rating.

A complete energy survey is nit costly and compared with the lots of benefits it comes with, it is a venture that is worthwhile for all commercial property owners. The best part is that a certificate lasts for ten years and is not an activity that one will keep worrying about every other year. It also comes handy to help in avoiding unnecessary penalties when selling or renting the building to a prospective buyer or tenant. Leading assessors will provide a free quote before you can choose to hire them and this is mainly dependent on the size of the building.

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