Jan 8th, 2020

Electrical Safety Recommendations for Commercial Properties

It is almost a difficult task to manage a commercial building. The landlord bears the responsibility for the safety of the occupants. Although, he makes massive money by putting his commercial building on rent, yet he always faces the risk of being blamed in case of any unfortunate accident in the building. He needs to be responsible enough to take the required steps to ensure the safety of the occupants. 

Many aspects require the attention of a landlord. But electrical safety is the most significant thing. Because of any electrical hazard, problems like electrocution and fire can occur. Due to electrical mishaps, many accidents have taken place to date. Although electricity has made our life very comfortable, there are many risks associated with it. 

Top 7 Recommendations for Electrical Safety Which Every Landlord Must Follow

Below given are some electrical safety recommendations to which every landlord needs to pay attention:

  • Relevant certificates: Certificates are essential in any business. They assure the potential client about the authenticity of the claims of the company. The same goes for a commercial building. A landlord is earning money by renting his commercial building. So he needs to convince the potential clients about the safety level of the building. Just oral negotiation is not enough. 
  • You are a landlord; then, you must possess all the required certificates and documents. Paperwork is essential. The critical documents will ensure that potential clients get convinced to invest in your property. The most crucial document is the electrical safety certificate for landlords. This document will help in declaring your property completely safe. It can also be beneficial in showing that the property is energy efficient. It is vital to protect and safeguard all the essential documents and certificates. If there is any compulsion, then you have to display the certificates too. 
  • Regularity in inspection: A commercial building needs inspection on a regular basis. Regular inspections bring up the risk of electrical hazards. This allows a landlord to fix the problem in advance. Thus, routine inspection protects a commercial building from extreme damage.
  • If a landlord fixes the problem in the initial stage, then he can save a lot of money. For regular inspections, a landlord must take the help of a well-trained electrician only. Only they will be able to identify the risk and fix the problem professionally. 
  • Emergency lighting set up: It is essential to understand that an emergency lighting set up is of utmost importance for a commercial building’s safety. If there ever comes an emergency situation, the emergency lighting will ensure that the residents of the commercial building can evacuate the building safely. Emergency lighting set up makes the escape route visible. There will be no hassle during an emergency evacuation. No one will stumble on another person. Hence, emergency lighting is essential.
  • PAT testingPAT testing is a legal requirement which the landlords have to abide by. This test ensures that electrical appliances are safe for use. Appliances like a kettle, dishwashers, washing machines, as well as commercial items like laptops, photocopy machines, lighting fixtures, etc. all come under the category of PAT testing. A landlord must not ignore the PAT test at any cost.
  • Acknowledging the seasonal risks: It is incredibly significant to have a knowledge of the seasonal electrical hazards. You can take precautionary measures accordingly. For instance, hot weather requires the usage of electric fans, while one needs room heaters during harsh, cold weather. Although these appliances make life very easy and comfortable, yet they have some or the other risks associated with them. One needs to be aware of the seasonal electric hazards and take precautionary steps accordingly. 
  • Fire hazards: There have been many cases of significant fire in commercial buildings. And the reason behind these fire has been mostly a minor short-circuit in the electrical appliance. Undoubtedly, electrical appliances have made our life much more comfortable. But, one needs to be very careful while using them.
  • Smoke Detectors in Buildings: The landlord must make sure that smoke detectors are installed in the building. There should be an effective alarm system that can make habitants aware of any fire mishap. Such an alarm system is necessary for handling emergencies efficiently. It gives people time to evacuate the building before it is too late. 

If a landlord takes care of the above-given points, then he can at least assure and protect his occupants from any electrical hazard. Managing a commercial building is not easy. One needs to be always aware and updated about all the risks. However, by taking precautionary measures, many significant accidents can be prevented. 

Legal strictness and moral obligation both should force a landlord to follow the above-given tips. Then only, he will be able to save the lives of his occupants and also his commercial building from any electrical mishap.

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