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May 4th, 2019

Four Major Benefits of Servicing your Boiler Regularly

A boiler serves a significant role in your home or office. It provides hot water for showering, and heating to keep your place comfortable. What’s more, the combi boiler installation cost can be pocket-friendly if you get a good expert to work with.

However, regular use of a boiler without servicing it can damage various components of your boiler, which may eventually reduce its performance, forcing you to think of buying a new one or spending a lot of money repairing the broken parts.

So, to keep your boiler up running for some good time, then it is essential that you have your boiler regularly serviced by professional gas engineers. Much like maintaining a car, a regular boiler maintenance service will keep your boiler running smoothly, saving you money and keeping it going for a while.

When considering the person you wish to hire, ensure that he/she is gas safe registered, and has the skills and knowledge to inspect and maintain your boiler safely.
Here in this article, there are four key benefits of why you need to service your boiler regularly.

Keeps you and your family safe

Safety is vital for your family, and having your boiler serviced regularly, helps make your living environment a safer place. Otherwise, living with a damaged or faulty boiler puts your family’s lives on high risk and may potentially lead to a fire outbreak. Moreover, a damaged boiler could lead to a gas leak, releasing carbon monoxide, which is a very poisonous gas, and you cannot quickly tell with a smell or taste.

So, it is advisable to have your boiler regularly serviced by experienced professional gas engineers. They can go a long way toward ensuring your boiler is functioning safely for the safety of your family.

Low expenses

If you hire a professional gas engineer to help you in purchasea boiler, outline the combi boiler installation cost and offer to maintain it regularly, you will likely have low energy bill expenses.

However, when you use your boiler regularly without maintaining it, soot gradually builds up on the internal components of your boiler and eventually affects its performance.
Service your boiler regularly, and it will prevent soot from accumulating, enabling your boiler to operate at maximum efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Improved efficiency allows you to keep your energy costs low.

Meet all legal requirements

As a landlord, you need to fulfil all legal requirements to ensure the safety of your tenants. Depending on the premises and the sector you operate in, you may be required by law to keep your boiler safe and in good condition by servicing it regularly. Also, acquire an annual gas safety certificate to demonstrate that you have fulfilled your obligations. Invest in regular boiler servicing, and it will help you achieve your legal requirements.

Extends your boiler’s lifespan

If you have a boiler or recently purchased a new one, you may be wondering how you can make sure that it functions for a good time. Well, inspecting and servicing your boiler from the help of professional gas engineers can prolong your boiler’s life span.

Not only will they keep your boiler functioning efficiently, but they will also help you identify minor issues that would also need fixing.

Taking preventive action to maintain your boiler can protect it from resulting in bigger and more expensive problems.

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