Apr 10th, 2019

Gas Safety Certificates And Why They Are A Must Have When Buying a House

It is the responsibility of every prospective property buyer to ensure that they get to have a valid gas safety certificate selling house is included as one of the most vital elements to take to account before a final sale agreement can be made.

The decision to buy a house in the United Kingdom is one which very family and individual has to take seriously as it is a financially demanding initiative where care must be taken to ensure top-most value for money. No potential home buyer would love making a purchase only to realize that they have received a raw deal which will leave them nursing frustrations. It is why before the final sale agreement is made the prospective buyer must go to all lengths to ensure that no detail is left out when analysing the suitability of the property as their next home.

Since there are a lot of details to be considered when holistically evaluating a property, there are important factors that can be easily forgotten. One such factor is the role of the gas safety certificate selling house which despite its importance often gets ignored by most potential home buyers. This is despite the government taking initiatives through agencies such as Health and Safety Executive to increase awareness on why these inspections are a necessity.

Primarily a gas safety check is meant to ensure that:

1. The gas pipework, flues, and appliances are safe to use. There are standards which have been set that household gas appliances must adhere to and a certified engineer will ensure everything is according to the book. Failure of adherence to the standards can easily result in problems which could have been avoided right from the start.

2. There are no carbon monoxide leaks which are extremely dangerous as it might result in poisoning. Worn out pipes or appliances which have not been tightly fitted can lead to leaks which are hazardous and must be rectified for the safety of everyone.

3. Ensure all safety devices are functioning correctly. These include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and the main switch which should be properly working as they are vital in the event of any emergencies.

4. There is no misuse of gas devices which is always the first step to disaster. Gas devices have specified duties and trying to use them for other functions is a violation of the law as it places everyone in the home at risks. A certified gas inspector will carry an in-depth evaluation to ensure that there is strict adherence to the intended functions.

When looking to buy a home taking the precautions by having a team of approved technicians carry out the tests is vital. Not only will you have the peace of mind that the house about to be purchased is safe to stay in you will also get to avoid taking unnecessary risks. On the other side, you will also have the upper hand when it comes to ensuring that the long-term warranty of gas appliances is maintained. Some insurance companies also make these certificates mandatory before they can offer their cover or make repayments in the event of a disaster.

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