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Apr 10th, 2019

PAT Testing And Why They Are A Must For All Landlords in the UK

One of the concerns that you must have as a landlord is the PAT certificate cost given that it is crucial to have a team of certified safety engineers to carry these tests regularly for all apartments.

As a landlord, there is a lot when it comes to property management, and you must be prepared to handle all the duties as it is the only way to be guaranteed of success. While a lot is expected from you, it takes having a clear plan which will allow you to focus on the most important factors first. At the top of the list which contains all the must-do duties must be your responsibilities when it comes to ensuring the safety of all the tenants who stay in the properties.

The truth is while every tenant must take the tight caution to ensure they maintain a safe environment, no one would want to be in a place where their safety is not the topmost priority. In an age where information is available at the click of a button, the standards expected by any potential tenant are quite high. It is why before they agree to rent the property they will need the assurance that you can always go the extra mile and this can only be made possible through regular property inspections like PAT testing, EPC in London etc.

One of the critical aspects in these inspections is the Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) which involves virtually inspecting all portable electric appliances. The goal of these tests is to ensure that every gadget used within the house meets the desired electrical specifications and are free from any faults. The PAT certificate cost is mainly dependent on the number of appliances which have been tested as more items mean more work for the technicians.

For items that have been proved to be safe after the professional inspections, they are deemed safe until the next re-test period. It is therefore not enough to have these tests once and assume that for the next couple of years everything will be fine. This does not only apply to electrical tests but also gas safety tests as after a period of use the appliances can develop problems and have to be regularly checked by professionals. It is easy to know which equipment has passed the test or not as stickers indicating pass or fail are attached to each device in line with the accepted standards for inspection. The stickers will also show the test dates and expected re-test dates which must be followed.

Landlords who get to adhere to the regular PAT tests get to have the peace of mind on running properties that are much safer. It is also a way of ensuring you meet the government regulations on the safety of tenants in the UK as it covers core aspects of electrical equipment. On the business side, the reputation for adhering to the highest standards will equally work for your advantage. This is because word will always spread on the proactive measures that are taken by the management when it comes to the wellbeing of the tenants.

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