Mar 12th, 2019

Why You Should Inspect Your Electricity on A Consistent Basis

When was the last time you got your electricity inspected?

If you have been living in your home for a number of years now, and have yet to come across any problems with lighting, appliances, or other electric-related utilities, your first encounter just might happen as soon as tomorrow. Electricity in the home must always be contained and utilized in a safe and stable manner, and over time, you might not realize or be aware of any problems with electricity and a certain appliance until it is too late.

For instance, there could be some areas of the home where not enough power is received, resulting in dim lighting and inadequate energy for your appliances to function properly. Too much power can also be an issue, in which it could cause long term harm for the appliances, such as your washer or furnace. And of course, your appliances or lights might not even turn on at all, in which case you will need to find the root of the problem with a professional inspection.

Here are a number of suggestions for having safe and adequate electricity in the home for many years to come.

Keep a regular maintenance routine

Of course, the easiest way to know that all your fittings, appliances, cables, and connections are working properly is to inspect them yourself. Every three to six months, you should take a look at all your connections and objects that receive power to make sure they are all working as intended. If a light is dim and replacing it doesn’t change anything, or if a certain outlet it just too unstable, contact an electrician so that you can properly address your electrical concerns.

Obtain a certificate of compliance

An Electrical Safety Certificate is a certificate of compliance for electrical installations. This certificate acts as proof that the work done by a professional electrician has been done safely and within the guidelines of British Standards. This certificate of compliance for electrical installations should be kept within your home for future reference, and should stay with the home should you decide to move. Don’t have an electrician work on your home without this certificate.

Purchase a set of safety switches

If you do not own safety switches already, consider buying some soon, as they can prevent in causing serious harm to your home’s electrical setup. Safety switches allow you to carefully observe the current flow of power and can provide a swift cut in that power, in the event should something go amiss. Safety switches help identify electrical hazards and other potential problems that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to identify on your own. With that said, they are crucial tools that prevent freak accidents that could cause harm, or even death, from occurring in your house, which is all the more reason to invest in them.

What if you rent a home?

Regarding any electrical issues related to a home that you are renting, contact your landlord or real estate agent at your earliest convenience because the landlords of the home you live in should be completely obligated to ensure all electricity is maintained properly throughout it.

Why you shouldn’t wait to conduct a thorough inspection by a qualified electrician

If you have not had an inspection of your home in a long time, it is best that you set up an inspection with a professional as soon as you can. Delays in the inspection process means that any possible problems with your electricity can get worse over time, which can be more detrimental to your wiring and/or appliances.

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