Sep 26th, 2019

How Much Does an Electrical Safety Certificate Cost?

While electricity is the basis for a majority of comfort we enjoy at our home, it can also be a problem if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Electricity safety of any house is vital no matter whether you are in a rented home or rented out a house. A little bit of negligence and it could hurt you a lot in terms of physical damages and money.

What Is an Electrical Safety Certificate?

Regular maintenance of the electrical connections is required to keep the electrical systems safe.

An electricity safety certificate ensures that there are no issues with the wiring and certifies that the house or the commercial space is safe to use. Every residential property or commercial space must have its electrical safety certification and it is equally important to have an Energy Performance Certificate in London before selling or renting a property. 

The electrician, after checking all the electrical wirings and connections, will issue a certificate stating that the electrical system of the house is in working condition and most importantly, is not a hazard.

This should be conducted by the landlords as well as the tenants.

  • The landlords should ensure all the sockets, wirings, switches and any other electrical connections are safe to use. 
  • The landlords should conduct this test for electrical safety certification every five years or when a new tenant is moving in (whichever comes first).
  • Homeowners who are relocating to a place that is old or new should get the domestic electrical installation certificate.
  • Landlords who are renting out a new place for the first time should get the electrical installation certificate which certifies that all the new connections given are safe and the place is secure to inhabit.

Checks Carried Out Under Electrical Installation Certificate

An electrical installation certificate will inspect the electrical connections and give peace of mind to the new tenants that the brand-new electrical connections are safe.

Here are the things that will be checked for any commercial or domestic electrical installation certificate.

  • Check the fuse boards or consumer unit
  • Check the electrical circuits or any equipment fitted for overloading
  • Ensure the earthing is done properly
  • Check the electrical fittings used like light fixtures, sockets, switches, etc.
  • Clarify the consistency in the connection in terms of polarities
  • Ensure that the protective device is working
  • Check if the connections are not susceptible to wear and tear any time soon

The Contents of the Electrical Safety Certificate

The electrical safety certificate consists of the electrical contractor, their registered license number, the details about the electrician conducting the inspection.

The electrician will fill out all the information about the condition of the electrical system in the place, any suggestions to better the system and any other relevant details.

It will also contain the address of the location where it is carried out and the details about the customer. The electrician, after filling out the details, will sign the form along with the date.

What Is Expected Out of Landlords?

In Scotland, all the private landlords should ensure legally that their electrical systems are completely safe.

They have the schedule an electrical safety check once every five years and get the electrical safety certificate for any houses or property they own.

Now, the plans are in line to implement the same in the UK. The government is now working on preparing legislation to bring a regulation for all residential spaces to get the electrical safety certificate. 

When the Electrical Connections Are Faulty

Apart from scheduling the checks for the electrical safety certificate, the landlords should also take steps to ensure that the connections are secure.

If not, there are chances of getting denied an electrical safety certificate aside from the hefty fines and regulations to adhere.

If the electrical installations are not up to the mark, then the landlords would have to pay a fine of £5,000, or face six months of imprisonment and get their property insurance revoked.

Also, if there are any severe physical casualties or death due to such faulty electrical connections, then the landlord could face criminal charges.

Things to Do to Keep the Electrical Systems Secure

  • Landlords should carry out regular electrical inspections of the installations and connections.
  • Make sure to hire only registered electricians for the job.
  • Any broken sockets, plugs or worn out wires should be immediately rectified.
  • Install Residual Current Device (RCD) which is a protective system against fatal electrical shocks and avoid any catastrophic results.
  • Once the new tenants move in, please give them the information about where the fuses are, the safety devices used and so on.
  • Replace the electrical fittings used before it gets affected by the wear and tear.

How Much Does the Electrical Installation Report Cost?

The electrical installation report cost differs depending on the size of the houses. It should be conducted only by certified electricians from companies which are recognized to provide the electrical installation report.

For an average home, a certified electrician will charge £100 or so for an hour.

This electrical installation report cost will increase for larger places. The certified electrician will self-certify the report and issue you the electrical installation certificate if your electrical connections are healthy and secure.

In case the electrician is not certified, they cannot self-certify the report. The building control should be informed and they will issue you a certificate for which one needs to pay about £300.

There are two types of electrical installation works done for which you need to get certified.

Prescribed electrical installation work involves working on the major section of the electrical system like the wiring, switchboards and so on.

The certified electrician will check the entire connection and issue an electrical installation certificate.

Non-prescribed electrical work includes minor jobs like changing sockets, installing new plugs, replacing switches, lightings, power points and so on.

For the certificate, the electrician will check the minor works done and issue it.

Based on the type of installation work, the cost of the electrical installation report cost will vary.

The landlord electrical safety certification cost is around £100 to £350 depending on the size of our home as the electrician may take about 2 to 4 hours to complete the full inspection.

Average Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate Cost

Here are some approximate costs for domestic electrical installation certificate for a property that has less than 10 circuit or fuse boards.

These charges are based on the current average rates charged by a certified electrician and it can vary based on the agency you hire from.

  • For a one-bedroom flat, it is £100 to £200.
  • For a two-bedroom flat, it is £150 to £250.
  • For a three-bedroom flat, it is £200 to £300.
  • For anything higher, it is £250 and more.

For electrical safety certificate commercial property, the cost may anywhere be between £250 to £800 or more depending on the size of the property and the electrical equipment they use. 

The landlords must make sure to get a copy of the electrical safety certificate even if it is the tenant who has got the electrical safety certificate.

The local authority may come and check it any time and therefore, it is vital to get a new safety it’s going to be five years.

The cost one spends on the electrical installation certificate can also vary depending on the company from which the electrician is and if the electrician is certified or not. 


London Property Certificates is a leading company that specializes in checking and providing the electrical safety certificate.

They have verified electricians who have more than ten years of experience and are capable of self-certifying the report.

They provide fast service wherein they attend to emergency electrical situations in a very short time and helps to uphold the high safety standards.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable company to get your electrical safety certificate done, then call immediately to 02037196970 and book an appointment.

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